I Can See Those Fighter Planes

September 14, 2008

For the past month and a half, I’ve been anticipating the arrival of the new Target exclusive G.I. Joe vehicle assortment of the Rattler and the Conquest. Back in the day I’ve always wanted but never had the Rattler so I was fairly excited for that, and I never had the Conquest but always dug its swept-forward wing design.

When the online pre-order was first announced back in July, I immediately placed my order. As far as I know, I placed it on the very first day they were made available for pre-order. And so with less than two months wait, my anticipation grew. My feelings reached fever pitch when late August/early September rolled around and the first reports of sightings/email notifications started hitting the boards at HissTank.com. And you know how frenzied online news can put a bee up anyone’s backside.

I was one of the lucky few to get a positive email notice, stating I would get shipment the Friday of the products’ release date. Yeah!

So imagine my disappointment when the ship date came and went, and no final notice of products shipping. Now imagine my surprise and anger when I got another email notification stating a delay in shipment until November! Yeahbuhwha–!? “Alright,” I told myself, “I can weather this out. Besides, I’m low on funds. I should wait.” But then another thought popped into my head. What if there is no second release, then I’m screwed.

Until this morning that is.

Thank goodness for the HissTank boards. A lot of posts about visiting the Target.com site and checking availability on the two exclusives. I followed the links, discovered availability in two local Targets and went to the one I’ve never been to before because it’s out of the way, and I’m sure to never see my nemesis this other unshaven collector (more on him another day). So I walked in, grabbed the only set on the shelf, paid and walked out. Spoils for the vigilant collector!

In any case, to keep this post medium-ish, I will post reviews and pics in a separate entry. I just wanted to vent on the nerve-wracking experience of being an addict a collector.

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