The Wright Stuff

September 22, 2008

d. Tibor Takács

Ah, Jenny Wright. I wish we could have more movies with you in it. Arguably the best thing of the horror pic I, Madman, it’s unfortunate that this appears to be her only leading role where she carries the film, though we’ll always have her performances in Near Dark, The World According to Garp and The Wall.

Wishing The Movie Were Better

Wishing For Better Roles

The movie crosses familiar territory with Jenny Wright as a used bookseller who experiences murders that eerily mirror the events in the novels she is reading. The plot of fiction becoming reality has been seen before and recycled most recently in The Number 23, and in both cases it comes off a little tired despite some flourishes here and there. Here the culprit is a crazed writer who died but has come back to life through Jenny’s discovery of his novels. For some reason he has sliced many of his facial features off and kills people in order to replace his missing parts as well as impress Jenny’s character. Perhaps candy and flowers are too cliche.

While the plot seems overly familiar and stale, many of the secondary characters are actually quite interesting. Jenny’s boyfriend, a police investigator, manages to pull off the tough job of remaining sympathetic despite his denial of Jenny’s claims about the murderer which usually comes off as a convenient plot contrivance in which no one believes or listens to the protagonist. The only character who suffers from the film’s plot limitations is the murderer. It is implied that the writer may have used alchemy to imbue his spirit into the fiction, but it is never explored beyond “he was crazy.” It is also taken for granted the flimsy reasons for the writer’s motivation to slice people up.

The only other bright spot in this film, besides Jenny Wright, is the cinematography. There is one shot in particular that impressed me. Towards the end when the writer/murderer is pushed out a window, he explodes into a thousand pages blown away in the wind. Very cool visual. If only the rest of the film displayed this imagination.

I just found out that the actor who played the “Madman” of the title was none other than Randall William Cook; not only did he act in this film, but did the special effects. He is most notable for having recently worked on The Lord of the Rings trilogy! 


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