My Bloody Monday

September 25, 2008

On Monday, September 22nd I got to see My Bloody Valentine perform live for the 1st time at the Roseland Ballroom. It wasn’t their first time, but rather mine. It only took 17 years.

Needless to say, it was a really good show. The last song, “You Made Me Realise”, overwhelmed me. Their feedback loop sustained and grew and grew until the building and the very air shook. I kept wondering if they would hit the resonant frequency of the building’s foundations and we would be buried under a pile of rubble. It was an intense sensory overload. I could even feel the vibrations crawling down my throat every time I opened my mouth. Thank goodness for earplugs. During minute 8 of their 15 minute jet-engine explosion, I dared remove one just to get a taste. All I heard was WHHOOOORRSSSHSHSSSHHHH.

Anyway, some pics:

Shoe-gazers Unite

Shoe-gazers Unite

Erik Watches My Bloody Valentine

Erik Watches My Bloody Valentine

Janine, Tim and Lorraine Can't Believe It's Happening

Janine, Tim and Lorraine Can’t Believe It’s Happening

They Really Exist!

They Really Exist!

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