G.I. Joe — Wave 10 (pt.2: review)

October 27, 2008

So, within a month of Wave 9’s release comes Wave 10 of this excellent line. Hasbro keeps offering interesting character selections; here they keep things fresh by including a mix of some fan favorites along with some new characters. What follows will be a review of the figures that came in this wave, with the exception of Tiger Force Duke. **UPDATE** See Tiger Force Duke review at the end of this post.

1) Mutt & Junkyard — K-9 Officer & Attack Dog

  • Head/Forearms/Lower Body — New
  • Torso/Biceps/Waist — Cobra Viper (w7)

One of my favorites from the original line comes back to life with this great likeness. The detail is great, even down to the scar on his face. The only issue I have with this version is that his face mask looks a little too bulky and doesn’t cover his mouth and nose convincingly. It’s a small gripe to this overall excellent figure. ***1/2

2) Cobra Bazooka Trooper — Anti-Armor Trooper

  • Body — Cobra Trooper (w2)

Here’s another example of how a fresh coat of paint and an all-new accessory (the rpg) can help make a new character. While we wait for a Scrap-Iron in his original colors and clothes, we get this generic army-builder anti-armor trooper. I suspect the rocket propelled grenade-launcher is recycled from Hasbro’s Indiana Jones line, but it looks at home here. And I don’t mind the lighter shade of blue that makes him stand out from the regular trooper — it makes it feel like they’re in their own division. ***

3) Cobra Para-Viper — Cobra Paratrooper

  • Head — Beachhead (w2)
  • Torso/Waist — Wild Bill (w7)
  • Arms/Legs/Accessories — New

Possibly the highlight of this wave and most likely the one that will be most sought after by collectors, this character looks incredible. The HALO gear is positively badass, as well as the other accessories also included: dive fins, goggles, sniper rifle with removable clip, and a submachine gun. While I have read that others are turned off by the purple jump-suit and orange highlights, I think they make this character look very cool even if the color palette is reminiscent of the later waves of the original G.I. Joe line. A definite must-have out of this wave. ****

4) Croc Master — Cobra Reptile Trainer

  • Body — New

I never owned Croc Master from the original line because I thought the character was ludicrous, but I’m glad to own this new version.  And while other reviewers have been wowed by Croc Master, I think he’s just alright. I like that the entire mold appears to be new, that the crocodile has a jointed mouth so that it can open and close, and the bite detail on his right arm. The funny thing is that he too comes with an accessory from the Indiana Jones line, this time the whip from the Raiders of the Lost Ark version of Indy himself. It’s kind of funny to imagine Croc Master taming crocodiles with a whip, but there you go — it’s all fantasy anyway. ***

5) Mercenary Wraith — Counter Intelligence

  • Torso/Biceps/Thighs — Snake-Eyes (w7)
  • Head/Forearms/Shins/Feet — New

The second figure in this wave to come with a mostly new mold, Mercenary Wraith is based on a character from the Devil’s Due comic book. Overall the figure looks great. The detail in the armor is very fine, and in a great touch, his helmet’s face-plate swivels open to reveal his face. The problem arises in his articulation. The forearm guns have tubing that extends to his biceps, effectively preventing any bending in the elbow; also his breastplate has shoulder armor that prevents full extension at the shoulder joint. This revelation is quite disappointing for a excellent looking figure. Also, his weapon defies intuitive placement; I’ve opted for him to carry it like a briefcase, but I’m not sure that this is correct. Anyway, a cool figure despite my disappointment. **1/2

** UPDATE **

I finally scored a Tiger Force Duke that I could open, and here are my thoughts on this figure:

Tiger Force Duke6) Duke — Tiger Force First Sergeant

  • Body — Duke (5p 1)
  • Forearms — new

As Hasbro continues to reuse the Duke mold for the umpteenth time, this time they provide us with the Tiger Force version of Duke to accompany the Tiger Force version of Flint (w8). Essentially the same mold with new forearms and a new paint deco mostly emphasizing green and brown, I actually kind of dig this version of Duke. Once again a different paint job creates the illusion of a new character; the camo pants and darker tones gives this figure some edge, and makes me look forward to more Tiger Force members. ***

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