G.I. Joe Target Exclusive — Ultimate Battle Pack (MIB)

November 15, 2008

Once news hit the boards that people were able to get the Target Exclusive Ultimate Battle Pack using the DPCI#, I got bit by the bug so hard that I went out and actually used that number to my advantage for the first time. On Wednesday, I used the scanner to check the stock and got a big fat “No!” I went home empty-handed, but relieved that my wallet would not be crying, keeping me up at night.

All that changed today. After work, I visited the same Target and input the DPCI# into the scanner again. This time it was a glorious “YES!” I then did another thing for the first time, and actually approached an employee and asked him to input the DPCI# in hopes he would pull it from the back. And he did. He was so helpful, he even flagged down the department lead (Toys & Electronics wasn’t his department) in order to help me out! Then he called the stockroom and got the stock shelf number and a few minutes later, I was hauling this huge sucker down to the registers!

Anyway, enough blabbing. Here are the pics!

Some notes after the jump.

The sucker is huge. Wider than it is taller (about 24” wide), you could have trouble finding space to display this properly, but because of the latest trend to package these figures and vehicles in “action” poses, it displays like a cool diorama with the two opposing factions facing off across a ravine in the middle.

For some reason, they packaged the Cobra Vehicle Gunner and Cobra Commander without their helmets on (I can only assume this was to insure that there wouldn’t be loose helmets rattling around the package).

Sgt. Stalker is dark green and comes with a green-colored JUMP jet-pack and green Cobra Air Trooper weapon.

Short-Fuze appears to have a repainted Doc head on a Snake Eyes body and Cobra Trooper arms (in fact, it is the same body as Steeler’s).

Steeler is a repaint of the figure that came with the Armadillo, so the figure is a Snake Eyes body / Cobra Trooper arms combo. The MOBAT appears to be motorized just like the original.

Cobra Commander looks the same but a darker blue with silver trim instead of red, his sigil is over his left breast rather than in the center, and he has no stripe down his leg; the Trouble Bubble is blue.

The HISS Driver has a silver chest plate with black trim, and the HISS Tank is absolutely bad-ass in red.

Destro is the Iron-Grenadier version sans cape and with silver/grey highlights instead of gold and red like the carded version; and his head is vac-metallized silver!

The Cobra Vehicle Gunner is a repaint of the Cobra Officer, but in a gray uniform with red highlights, which looks really cool.

Overall, a massively cool set, though kinda lame that it’s the only way to get Short-Fuze and Steeler at the moment.

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