When Magic Goes Black, It Never Goes Back: The Shaw Brothers’ Seeding of a Ghost

December 3, 2008

d. Chuan Yang 

After surviving the visual onslaught of Boxer’s Omen, I expected the notorious Seeding of a Ghost to fulfill the same promises of black magic insanity. On some levels it does live up to my expectations, but on most levels it mainly fails.

Classy Love Scenes Like This Make It Worthwhile

Classy Love Scenes Like This Make It Worthwhile

Basically Seeding of a Ghost tells the story of a taxi driver (Phillip Ko from Boxer’s Omen) whose wife, a croupier, cheats on him with a gambler, Mr. Fang. When Mr. Fang refuses to leave his wife for the taxi driver’s wife, she gets out of his car only to be raped and killed by two punks.

Vowing revenge and unable to exact it himself, the taxi driver enlists a sorcerer to use some black magic hoodoo to haunt the two thugs and Mr. Fang and his wife. Hi-jinks ensue.

Like Boxer’s Omen before it, this movie is filled with bug nuts insane visuals, most of them coming in the 3rd act. Up until that point however is a mediocre story involving the cheating plot that is basically Cinemax softcore. And there is a lot of skin for a Shaw Brothers film — we’re talking lots of boobies and full frontal — which by itself isn’t bad, but its chained to a clunky soap opera plot and weirdly choreographed rape that leaves you feeling kinda grungy under the eyelids.

When the black magic finally appears, the movie picks up and does what it does best. You get a young kid puking up earthworms, another punk-ass kid’s spine ripping through his back and then later having his soul fuck and impregnate a decaying corpse (yeah, you heard right!), and a pregnant woman’s stomach explode in a jet of gore and blood, giving birth to a tentacled poor-man’s Thing (they definitely saw the John Carpenter film, no doubt).

He Has His Fathers Eyes

He Has His Fathers Eyes

As exciting and crazy as it all sounds, it’s not at the level that Boxer’s Omen set, and everything comes off as confusing and dull. The taxi driver fails to illicit any sympathy and we lose track of his story as the black magic and special effects take over.

So, despite the copious amounts of nudity in the first act, and then the copious amounts of insanity in the 3rd act, the film disappoints. I would recommend seeing it as a double feature with Boxer’s Omen, and with a group of your best buddies.

*1/2 stars.

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  1. Haha, this movie rules!

    http:// thejamminjabber.com/2010/09/24/revenge-of-the-chinese-paranormal-corpse-sex/

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