“The Murderer Left The Knife… There.” — What Have You Done To Solange?

December 6, 2008

d. Massimo Dallamano 

This lurid giallo serves up the sexy and the suspense in a well-balanced manner, making for an above-average, if misogynistic thriller about the murders of attractive young women.

Do Not Try This At Home

Do Not Try This At Home

Set in England, a teacher ,who is cheating on his wife with one of his students, becomes the prime suspect of a series of murders of students at the school where he works. All the victims are attractive, nubile young women; all of them are usually stabbed viciously in their vaginas. One in particular is run through the bikini-area by a scythe. Yikes!

So as the naked bodies pile up, and as the teacher finds himself conveniently at the crime scenes, he must fend off the inspector closing in for an arrest and discover the identity of the real killer. The mystery in this thriller is quite engaging, involving a sex club and a mentally traumatized young woman who turns up in the third act, Solange.

I am no fan of the Italian giallo, but I found this particular movie interesting. The murder set-pieces are rather run-of-the-mill for this genre, and the red-herrings rather clumsy, but the central question mark that hangs over the mysterious Solange and the discovery of a teenage sex club certainly piqued my interest, and allows for a rather plausible explanation for the killer’s motive.

The music is also quite memorable having been scored by Ennio Morricone. He elects to use a jazz score in certain sections that gives the movie an imbalanced, paranoid feeling that works well given its thriller aspects.

The acting is so-so and has the typical dubbing associated with these Italian flicks, but the women are definitely attractive to look at and spend a lot of time in the communal shower to move things along as the investigation bits of the movie start to drag.

** stars.


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