Graphic Violence and Panties? Check! Must be Kite Liberator

December 15, 2008

d.  Yasuomi Umetsu

This sequel to Umetsu’s violent and hardcore Kite maintains some themes but drops the first movie’s lead, Sawa, and the sex in favor of a science-fiction plot straight out of Alien that feels somewhat inappropriate.

How You Will Feel About The Abrupt Ending

How You Will Feel About The Abrupt Ending

Kite Liberator still deals with an underage female assassin — here it is a teenager named Monaka, aka The Angel of Death — meting out justice against pedophiles, but her modus operandi is sidetracked when she is charged to kill a xenomorph that has crash-landed on Earth from an orbiting satellite. Yeah, exactly. WTF!!!

(**NOTE** Image after jump NSFW.)

Basically, two astronauts exposed to solar radiation and a new experimental food designed to increase bone density transform into armor-plated Doomsday type monstroids. One of these astronauts is Monaka’s father so you can imagine the tragic irony when Monaka shoots her dad in the only vulnerable spot, his mouth. Or can we even do that? The OVA abruptly ends before any loose ends can be tied off and before the narrative even ends. Double WTF!!

Still, the action scenes are kinetic and the animation is great. I found myself admiring how the animators shake the “camera” when characters are running. It’s probably a simple technique, but that detail really sells the energy and tension. The CGI feels out of place in that it makes no attempt at disguising itself but is limited mainly to the space station scenes.

And for those wondering what happened to Sawa, there are very subtle hints that Monaka’s co-worker in a diner, Mukai, may be Sawa under an assumed identity. But once again it’s left in the air because of the abrupt ending. Rumour has it a third OVA is in the works, but hopefully we won’t have to wait several years before that shows up, and hopefully it won’t throw another swerve in the narrative flow and take place underwater or something.

Not Safe For Work (Owner Of That Hand Gets Ass Kicked)

Not Safe For Work (Owner Of That Hand Gets Ass Kicked)

So if you’re looking for a direct sequel to Kite that forwards Sawa’s story, don’t look here; if you’re hoping for more animated XXX sex scenes, all you’ll get is a brief glimpse of boobies and lots of shots of girls’ panties but nothing further; but for those looking for violence, you won’t be disappointed; and for those looking for an engaging story told with excellent animation, some humour and lots of thrills, you get most of that until it ends suddenly and you’re left wondering if it will ever be resolved.

** stars. Would have been three if it actually had an ending.

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