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G.I. Joe Hall of Heroes

April 18, 2009

Oh yeah. I resisted these guys when the news 1st broke that these repacks would be coming out. But once again, packaging wins out!

These figures are worth it for the display quality alone, but in addition to the gold foil goodness, each figure has subtle paint improvements and comes with many accessories. I’m glad I gave in to my weakness and ordered this set. Though at this time I am still awaiting the arrival of Storm Shadow (HoH:4).


One Extreme, One Strong, One So-So: Three… Extremes

November 8, 2008

d. Fruit Chan, Park Chan-Wook, Takashi Miike 

First of all I would like to make a correction. I have been erroneously labeling this horror anthology as J-Horror, when really it is one-third J-Horror, one-third K-Horror, and one-third HK-Horror.

The horror omnibus is nothing new, but here we get three Asian directors, known for their far-out takes on genre, presenting three short segments exploring the depths of horror that human desire leads towards. And make no mistake, this is horror in its real sense, not horror in the gory roller-coaster sense to which American audiences have grown accustomed and expect.

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