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The Pit Has Some Depth, Some Flaws

November 6, 2008

THE PIT (1981)
d.  Lew Lehman

A B-Movie at its core, The Pit belongs less to the Monsters From Hell genre than to the Kids From Hell genre, along the lines of The Bad Seed or The Good Son. It tells the story of an adolescent loner, Jamie (Sammy Snyders), whose only friend is his teddy bear, Teddy, and who crushes big time on his new house/babysitter (Jeannie Elias) all while harboring a secret about a pit in the middle of the forest, and the creatures that reside within (he calls them “Trollogs” but in the credits they are “The Trogs”).

He Grows Up To Be Sylar

He Grows Up To Be Sylar

The movie is at its most successful when negotiating the painful pangs of adolescence that Jamie experiences. He borrows books about art nudes from the library, keeps a skin mag under his mattress, and likes to blackmail the Librarian into taking her clothes off so he can take Polaroids. He also has a difficult time fitting in and making friends either at school or with his neighbors, mainly because he lacks a number of social skills. Even the elderly find him distasteful.

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