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Narfs, Scrunts and Eatlons… Oh my! — M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady In The Water

November 24, 2008

d. M. Night Shyamalan 

Another film that appears to have been unfairly maligned, perhaps due to the malingering taste left from The Village and critics writing Mr. Shyamalan off as the “One Twist Wonder.” I certainly had fallen into the latter camp, but coming into this movie despite the negative press, I can say that I found a space in which to enjoy this film.

This Story's Got Legs

This Story’s Got Legs

Basically set-up as a bedtime story from the opening narration and animation, Shyamalan is telling us to set aside serious critical thought and forgive leaps in logic and suspend our disbelief for a fantasy film. It is a shrewd maneuver even if a bit arrogant in its attempt to be critic-proof.

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