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Here Comes The Bride — Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

October 27, 2008

d. Tim Burton, Mike Johnson

This movie is a very charming animated tale of Victor (Johnny Depp), a sensitive young man, who is to wed Victoria (Emily Watson) in an arranged marriage according to the ambitious plans of their respective parents. However, in practicing his wedding vows, he accidentally marries a corpse (Helena Bonham Carter).

For those familiar with A Nightmare Before Christmas, this movie has a very similar look and tone, thanks to Tim Burton’s vision and Danny Elfman’s score and songs. It’s not long before ghoulish visual and lingual puns are slung about in an amusing manner.

The animation is top notch — it’s breathtaking to see stop-motion wind, flame and water effects and the character movements are extremely smooth. The designs are also very unique and fun to admire. And the assembled cast all have great bits (my favorite extra on the disc shows an assemblage of the actors voicing their characters — a great peek into the process of animation).

The story-line is predictable to be honest, but the last half hour rewards when the world of the dead mingles with the world of the living and the action ratchets up a notch. Otherwise, a harmless movie that doesn’t overstay its welcome and includes some touching moments. My favorite part is when Emily dissolves into butterflies. Very nice.

**1/2 stars.

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