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A Sort of Homecoming: Bob Clark’s Deathdream

November 30, 2008

d. Bob Clark 

In this above average re-imagining of “The Monkey’s Paw”, Deathdream tells the story of what happens to a family when an American soldier, Andy (Richard Backus), returns home despite having been reported as being KIA in Vietnam.

A Sort of Homecoming

Death At The Drive-In!

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This Is The One: Tomas Alfredson’s Let The Right One In

November 11, 2008

d. Tomas Alfredson

It’s so difficult nowadays to watch a vampire-themed show or movie and not take it too seriously — especially because we are inundated with crap stories ever since Anne Rice became the voice of vampire-themed narratives.

There’s True Blood on cable, which has its fans, but I couldn’t stand it five minutes in; for all its guff about being a fresh take on the vampire mythos, its ironic tone left me feeling bored and disconnected. And in theaters, the last vampire film may have been 30 Days and 30 Nights, which, despite its admittedly clever but gimmicky premise (how often does this happen a year, and people still live in that town? What?), ultimately disappointed with its 28 Days Later style antics.

So yeah, going into a vampire film nowadays it’s hard not to feel jaded.

But then the Swedish Let The Right One In comes along, and actually does redefine the vampire mythos while upholding its basic tenants. Vampires drink blood. Vampires cannot eat normal food. Vampires must be invited into one’s home before entering. The last tenet lends itself to the title, but in the context of the film, also carries a double meaning.

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