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Big Easy Easier Than I Thought

April 17, 2008

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but most times I make plans in advance, as the deadline creeps closer, I start getting second thoughts about those plans; I entertain notions of making excuses or secretly hoping that the plans have changed and the responsibility of making a decision negatively impacting such plans has been taken from me.

For example, I was invited to attend some friends’ wedding in New Orleans this past weekend; now there were a couple of things about this event outside of my feelings for Dom & Izzy (both of whom I love dearly) that made me nervous.

• Unfamiliar Setting — a destination wedding and I’ve never been to The Big Easy before.

• Do I Know Anybody? — I only knew the bride and groom going into this event. No way in hell could I expect “Face-Time!” when they’re surrounded by family and other friends.

For me these are big signifiers of anxiety.

And yet this past weekend I had an amazing time. I mean Amazing. I think it was those very things that I thought would be a source of anxiety that actually served as a source of energy for me.

As soon as I hopped off the plane, Dom & Izzy showed up with her sister, Ellie and her man, Adrian, and they rushed me straight to the French Quarter where the French Quarter Festival was in full swing. And before I knew it, I was in the heart of New Orleans and meeting Dom’s siblings, their significant others and some of Izzy’s friends. In one fell swoop, without their even knowing it, my friends managed to erase my fears of being in a new environment and my nervousness of meeting new people. I really enjoyed meeting these people — there was no weird awkward context; I feel that if I were to meet them at the ceremony, the vibe could have been totally different.

The wedding itself was brilliant as well; I had so much fun — one of the best I’ve attended — from the music choice (Izzy walked down the aisle to “I’ve Got You, Babe” and they walked off husband and wife to “Rock the Casbah”), to the venue (a quail farm in Covington), to the all around good vibes that meeting Dom’s family (who really are Minnesota Nice!) and Izzy’s friends and family provided.

My favorite moments: Izzy introducing me to the Hand Grenade, putting hands on Dom’s Optimus Prime, trading quotes from There Will Be Blood with Lynn, saving Dom’s life with confectioner’s sugar and ice tea, crazy dancing with Ellie, watching Adrian’s smoov dance moves, Debris Po’ Boy at Mother’s, seeing Chris Owens from 1,000 yards out (thank god!)

I am very glad both Dom and Izzy got married, and I love being reminded that special people exist in my life.

Game Over, Dom!


Hello World?

April 10, 2008

So this is my first post. Monumental. I am not a blogger so I can’t guarantee frequent updates. Really this is all a cover because my workplace is interested in starting up a blog.

Now how the heck do I change those awful flowers in my widgets column?